Blue Plate Specials Servin It Up

The Blue Plate Specials is a 5-piece band that has been rockin'  joints in and around Philly for a good long time now.

If they sound like a band that's played a LOT together, it's because they have.

They are built for speed, hold the corners, stop on a dime and give 9 cents change.

Although their sound has its foundation in the Big Blues Band sound of BB King, T-Bone Walker, Wynonie Harris, and the like, their influences range from Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Albert King, to bands from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll like Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, Mott the Hoople, and ZZ Topp.

Servin' it Up is a smokin' hot 11 course meal with a variety of flavors. Come Out Baby shuffles, Blue Plate Boogie swings, Me and My Baby is a slow dance, Going to Mississippi boogies and Heartache and Cigarettes ROCKS.

The Blue Plate Specials are a LIVE band whose main mission is to rock the house, so the album was mostly recorded live in an effort to capture the fire of their live show; and Producer Quentin Jones' Sanco 500 Process delivers the goods!

So pick up a copy of the album, come out and see a live show, and find out what BPS fans have been knowing all along.

When The Blue Plate Specials take the stage, adult beverages is consumed, commandments is broke, babies is conceived and a rockin' time is had by all!

Bring bail money.


The Blue Plate Specials
Charlie Frey: Guitar, Vocals
Alan Sheltzer: Keys
Walter Beier: Saxes, Clarinet
Ken Bernardo: Bass Guitar
Ted Hordeski: Drums

Come Out, Baby.
Whiskey Costs Money
Lou'siana Stomp
Goin' to Mississippi
Me and My Baby
Blue Plate Boogie
Heartache and Cigarettes
She Likes It Like That
Cruisin' Past Bakersfield
I Need a Car
Something on the Side
All songs written by Charlie Frey and published by Lanark Publishing Pa., ASCAP

Produced:  Quentin Jones
Engineered: Quentin Jones
Mixed: Quentin Jones.
Recorded at: Lanark Studios
Artwork: Ken Bernardo
Master by Ben Marshall
Mickey Dean Fisher: 2nd guitar solo on I Need a Car

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Audio Samples

Come Out Baby

Lou'siana Stomp

I Need a Car

Me and My Baby

Blue Plate Boogie

Cruisin' Past Bakersfield


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March 03, 2015

Veteran Philadelphia blues band the Blue Plate Specials show off their own hot-rodded style of roadhouse boogie on their first album for Lanark Records. Familiar to Philly blues fans for their longstanding residency at Jimmie Mack's Gin 'n' Juke, Servin' It Up! finds the Blue Plate Specials mixing up classic jump blues and vintage Chicago blues sounds, delivering a horn-infused attack that's suitable for both dancing and drinking. Featuring tunes like "Whiskey Costs Money," "Heartache and Cigarettes," "I Need a Car," and "Blue Plate Boogie," Servin' It Up! documents the Blue Plate Specials' live sound with hip-shaking accuracy and a powerful sense of good, not-too-clean fun.

~~Review by Mark Deming