The Gas House Gorillas “Punk Americana”

The Gas House Gorillas have been burning down clubs and festivals all
over the country for the past eight years. 2013 sees the release of
GHG’s latest album on Lanark Records.
The band describes its sound as ‘Punk Americana’. It encompasses a broad
range of styles that include Jump Blues, Rock & Roll, Cajun Music and
early Punk Rock. Artists as diverse as Wynonie Harris, Groucho Marx, Sam
Cooke, Fats Waller and The Ramones all coexist in the Gas House
Gorillas’ musical vernacular.
The Gorillas are a dynamic band, often bringing the live show into the
audience spurring fans to sing, dance and get wild. Cutting up with each
other and the crowd, the Gorillas are more than a great band, they are
great entertainers. The Gas House Gorillas are considered by many to be
the most fearlessly uninhibited performers ever witnessed and a sure
fire guarantee for a rippin’ good time!

Track Listing:

1. Radio Daze
2. One Shot
3. Cookin' At Home
4. Remember
5. Find a Little Boogie
6. Everywhere I Roam
7. I Want You To Want Me
8. Last Chance Motor Ride
9. Black Juju
10. Kitty Has Klaws
11. Corpses
12. Quarter to Two
13. The Moon Told on You
14. Balloon
15. Corpses (radio edit)

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Audio Samples

Find A Little Boogie

One Shot