Rockett 88 Featuring Dr. Harmonica “Poultry and Adultery”

Poultry and Adultery is a new, nine song album recorded by one of the most enduring “jump blues” and “rock and roll bands” of the last 30 years, Rockett 88 and Dr. Harmonica!  Rockett 88 is a high-energy five piece band based in Delaware whose primary goal is to present American music on a very high-energy level while staying true to original idioms. The styles of Rockabilly, Chicago Blues, Originals, New Orleans Funk and R&B are played as authentically as possible.
The album was recorded at Lanark studio over one weekend and mixed at the same time; the old school way. The band played most of the tracks live with very little studio tricks. The horns are slamming, the guitars are rocking, the bass and drums are thumping, while Dr. Harmonica sings and wails on his harp.  The album was produced by rock and roller producer Quentin Jones and features his exclusive “Sanco 500” process!
Rockett 88 will play all the major beach points around Delaware and Maryland this summer like they have been doing for over 30 years, before they join their label mates at Lanark for fall and winter venue tours.
Rockett 88 is Mark Kenneally, "Dr Harmonica" Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Seth Ivins,M.D. Guitar, vocals,  Alan Yandziak, tenor saxophone, Bennett Sykes, Bass, Vocals, and   Tim Thorne, drums, vocals.

1. The Wizzinator
2. Girl With a Job
3. Dead Momma Blues
4. She Wants Chicken
5. Blues to the Point
6. Another Dream
7. Christine
8. Don’t Talk to Me
9. The Pussy Song


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Audio Samples

The Wizzinator

Don't Talk to Me

Another Dream

Blues to the Point


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