The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns “Greatest Hits”

The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns  “Greatest Hits” is a combustible combination of their two previous Cds, “Whip it Out” and “Circuit Rider”. It is packed with 20 explosive tracks that are fan favorites and have been featured in major publications, on network television and all forms of radio. The songs tell of flights from the law to foreign destinations (Mexico), curious pets (Beaver), sinful pleasures (The Road to Hell), shell shocked veterans (Flame-Thrower), post marital bliss (Party, Party, Party), voodoo vixens (Girl From Hell) and 16 more sinister servings of the Reach Around Rodeo Clown sound. This lethal mix is achieved by combining the bombastic baritone vocals of Wendell Jones, the furious fret work of brother Quentin, the sonic boom of Jan Luszczek’s upright bass slapping, and the devastating delivery of drummer Dave Ferrara.

1. Mexico
2. Bad Dudes -A- Surfing
3. Come Yodel in My Canyon
4. Beaver
5. She Sure Sucks A Lot
6. The Road To Hell
7. Psychobilly Band
8. Flame-Thrower
9.The Big Guy Stomp
10. Every Day is a Saturday to a Dog
11. Whip It Out
12. Party, Party, Party
13. Trailer Trash
14. Revenge
15. Burly Kind of Love
16. My Girl’s From Hell
17. Hammer and Tongs
18. Bum
19. Wild Man
20. Bonus track: Johnny Cowboy

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Bad Dudes A Surfing


Hammers and Tong

Pyschobilly Band

My Girl's From Hell

The Big Guy Stomp