Asia Lady Luck Stray Cat Tribute

 Lanark Entertainment is excited to announce the addition of  “Asia Lady Luck: A Stray Cats Tribute” to our catalog at our web store and at our shows!! This tribute, has entirely been recorded by female singers/bands, mainly from Asia though it also includes people from the US and Australia. The Stray Cat’s very own drummer, Slim Jim Phantom, produced the record.

 The album features songs by female-led bands from Japan, Korea, Thailand and Australia including the 5 6 7 8 s. The record is endorsed by the Stray Cats for worldwide release, and is now available for purchase on the Lanark website and Lanark shows. We are happy to welcome these groups to the family and share their music with you.

 The ladies performing on the record include Conny of The Venus (Japan), Yoshiko of The's (Japan), Junko of Tigerliliy (Japan), Brigitte of Dark Shadow (Australia), Betty of Rocket to Memphis (Australia), Tukta of Trix'o'Treat (Thailand), Geena of The Rocktigers (Korea), and Linda of Linda & the BigKing Jive Daddies (USA).

Rumble in Birghton – Geena
Too Hip, Gotta Go – Betty
Runaway Boys – Conny
Cross of Life – Brigitte
Lonely Summer Nights – Yoshiko
Gene and Eddie – Linda
Blast Off – Betty
I Won’t Stand In Your Way – Linda
Little Miss Prissy – Junko
Sexy and Seventeen – Tukta
Elvis on Velvet – Junko
Look at That Cadillac – Conny
Gina – Geena
Stray Cat Strut – Brigitte
Rock This Town – Tukta
Bring It Back Again – Yoshiko, Conny, Geena Tukta, Betty, Junko

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Audio Samples

Rumble In Brighton

Runaway Boys

lonely Summer Nights

Fishnet Stockings

I wont Stand In Your Way

Little Miss Prissy

Sexy and 17

Stray Cat Strut

Rock This Town