Linda Gail Lewis Hard Rockin’ Woman

Linda Gail Lewis Hard Rockin Woman

Linda Gail Lewis: Piano, Harmonies
Annie Marie Lewis: Lead Vocals ,Harmonies
Danny Harvey: Guitars and Bass
Quentin Jones: Guitars and Bass
Blair King: Drums
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Quentin Jones at Lanark Studios, USA
Assistant engineer Caroline Jones
Mastered by Joseph Yannece

1. Hard Rockin’ Man
2. Spell Bound
3. Love Sick
4. Little Baby Rock
5. Sure Does Help
6. Rocking My Life Away
7. And Now I Win
8. Linda Gail Blues
9. What Can I Do
10. This Train
11. Battle Win the Bottle
12. Heartbreak Highway

"Linda Gail Lewis knows a thing or two about Hard Rocking from years of touring and recording with her big brother, Jerry Lee Lewis! But today Linda may be better known around the world for her own legendary high energy rock and roll shows! Hard Rockin Woman, Linda’s first album on Lanark Records, captures the spirit and soul of her live performances, the ones her fans around the globe have come to love! Recorded at the famed Lanark Studios, in Lancaster Pa, on the evenings of Feb 19th, 20th and during the day of the 21st, 2015. It was recorded and mixed the old school way with a real band with real instruments using a MCI JH24, a set of 1176s, a dbx 160,  a Roland Space Echo, a Tascam Spring Reverb, a Sanco Reverb Chamber,  Yamaha speakers on a AMEK Angela console. All songs were tracked live and complete. Some tracks are 100% live and some have a guitar overdub here or a harmony overdub there. No programing, digital editing, or pitch correction / auto tune was used it the making of this album! Enjoy" Mr. Sands, 2015
recorded with the Sanco 500 process for that world famous Lanark sound!

Audio Samples

Hard Rockin’ Man (Danny B Harvey , Mysti Moon & Lisa Dahl)

Spell Bound (Q. Jones)

Love Sick (Danny B Harvey)

Little Baby Rock (Danny B Harvey)

Sure Does Help (Q. Jones)

Rocking My Life Away (Mack Vicker)

And Now I Win (Q. Jones)

Linda Gail Blues (Danny B Harvey)

What Can I Do (unknown)

This Train (traditional)

Battle Win the Bottle (Q. Jones)

Heartbreak Highway (Linda Gail Lewis)