The Devil’s Daughters


Rock N Roll? Gorgeous lead singers? Smokin’ guitar player? This is the Devil's Daughters with Danny B. Harvey. This good girl gone wild rock n roll band turned some heads at the 2013 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend and then again at The Rockabilly Round Up in Texas.
 Lisa and Mysti formed The Devil’s Daughters in May of 2011in Tucson Az. The girls tested the waters using a local Arizona band to back them up. After playing a handful of live shows and producing a music video, people realized the duet was serious about making music. The video was a huge success. getting over 200,000 You Tube hits, (now over 1,000,000) and shortly after, the girls caught the attention of guitar player and Rockabilly guitar legend Danny B. Harvey.
 The newly formed band started touring regularly and writing original music. Shortly after the band would make their way cross country to Lanark Records and record their first full length album. Their songs are about booze, cars, and love affairs with vampires and werewolves… sort of. Devil’s Daughters wanted to convey the traditional stories that people can relate to, (e.g. a night out with friends, falling in love, falling out of love, etc) but in a more modern and unique way. Devil’s Daughters keep the tradition of simple beats and lyrics, while taking on a more powerful female role in their lyrics. The girls also have a wicked sense of humor, which can be heard throughout the album.

Lanark is proud to release the Devil's Daughters first full length album on Lanark Records as digital download on all major download sites on July 22, 2014. You can also pick up their “Bootleg” cd at our web store on cd. Both projects were produced by Danny B. Harvey!


Pass that Bottle Devils Daughters