The BurliQ’s


The BurliQ’s are the latest group to be signed to Lanark Records. Hailing from Lancaster, PA,  they are turning heads in the music industry with their catchy tunes and impressive musical background. Their sound is a modern take on the music that once spilled out of the lounges and burlesque houses across the United States during the atomic age.
The BurliQ’s are comprised of Ralph Leon Miller (piano and organ), Jimmy Falco (Saxophone), Frank Barrett (double bass) and Jeff Stoner (drums). These four gents have been longtime friends who have spent the last five years backing and recording with some of roots music’s biggest names.
Check out credits on 2012’s “For the Love of Charlie” from ABKCO Records. It was produced by famed artist Al Kooper, and it features the talents of Graham Nash, Peter Noone, Eddie Angel, Jimmy Vivino, and some members of The BurliQ’s. Other album credits you will see their names on include projects from Robert Gordon, The Rockats, the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns and Grammy winner Nick Kane of the Mavericks.
After five years of backing these artists on recordings and play with them at such esteemed venues as B.B. Kings in NYC, J.C. Dobbs in Philadelphia, the Doll Hunt in LA, and every road house from here to Timbuktu, The BurliQ’s are stepping out on their own with a feature spot at 2014’s Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and a new album contract with Lanark Records.
Their self-titled album, set for a summer 2014 features 10 new songs, 9 of which were written by the band. It features seven retro instrumentals and three songs sung by Ralph and the boys.
The band live is tight, sharp dressed, fun to watch, and often times backing up beautiful dancers at venues around the world. So keep your eyes on the entertainment section of your local news papers. The BurliQ’s are coming to your town very soon!


!! SHAZZAM !! Just in time for the winter solstice celebration, The BurlIQ's have released their new video," Witch Hunt", off their entertai