Rockett 88 Featuring Dr Harmonica


Mark Kenneally, "Dr Harmonica" Lead Vocals, Harmonica. 
Seth Ivins,M.D. Guitar, vocals. 
Alan Yandziak, tenor saxophone.
Bennett Sykes, Bass, Vocals. 
Tim Thorne, drums, vocals. Dr. Harmonica and Rockett 88

Rockett 88 is a high energy five piece band based in Delaware. Their primary goal is to present American music on a very high-energy level while staying true to original idioms. Rockabilly, Chicago Blues, Originals, New Orleans Funk and R&B are played as authentically as possible. The difference is that Rockett 88 puts some extra mustard on it to keep things exciting and danceable.

Rockett 88 is a regional act having logged over 3,000 shows between New York City and Virginia. For many years there have also been four trips a year to Chicago to play “Taste of Chicago” and “Beal Street” dinner clubs.


Rockett 88 was started by Ron Smith, a member of George Thorogood’s Delaware Destroyers. Ron left The Destroyers to get away from the stress of international touring with George Thorogood. When Rockett88 signed on to open an extensive tour of Thorogood shows, Ron left, leaving band leader responsibilities in the capable hands of Mark “Dr Harmonica” Kenneally.

Rockett 88 eventually became a full time band, playing 200 nights a year from Richmond, VA to New York City. During this period, they relocated to Ocean City Maryland. In 1990, the band moved back to Wilmington, Delaware.

Rockett 88 has been through many personnel changes. Many professional musicians began their career as a touring member of Rockett88. Our roster of past members include:

Tommy Conwell… Young Rumblers
Hank Carter…  Delaware Destroyers
Ron Smith… Delaware Destroyers
Stephen Hooper Lombardelli. (The Real) Bill Haley’s Comets
Mike “Kid” Davis … The Bullets
Roger Girke.. The Sharks
Wayne Beardwood… The Johnny Neil Band
Tommy Alderson.. Deep Purple
Joe LaSorte
Bob Zinn
Steve “Mongo” Koontz… Evelyn Champagne King
John Tictin… Johnny and The Headhunters
Pete Mayforth… Wale.. Leroy Hawkes Band
Jim Ficca… Bearsville Studio Drummer, John Herald
Brad Fish… Young Rumblers
Paul “Dutch” Holland…The Blue Falcons
Gary Cogdell
Harry Hess..Bobby & The Midnights,Doug Sham.Rocky Erickson

Many, many, many more


Touring and opening shows for James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Willy Dixon, The Clovers, Legendary Blues band and many of the greats.

Studio work Sigma, New York.

Official band of The Baltimore Orioles 1989-1991.

Selling out Richie Coliseum 1983.

The coveted weekend schedule, Dan Lynch’s, NYC