Quentin Jones


Quentin Jones is one of the principal members of the rockabilly and rock & roll community. His numerous years in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, engineer, and producer, all have now placed him in a sterling position in music.

Jones is a very well-known guitar player, songwriter, producer and the music director of Lanark Records. He is the guitarist for The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns and the Quentin Jones Trio. Aside from working with those artists, Jones actively plays live shows with many artists and has played guitar for Robert Gordon, The Rockats, Rocket 88, Charlie Gracie, Linda Gail Lewis, Peter Noone and the list keeps growing

Jones had a humble beginning to his music career compared to most. He grew up in Lancaster, Pa. horse country where his father and grandfather were famous show horse and harness racing trainers. His first guitar was given to him by his older brother Bruce, which in true rock & roll fashion was stolen from his uncle.

He began writing songs and recording them in fifth grade after hearing the McCartney album. In ’83 Jones started a Merseybeat-based band called the Crooners, who released an all-original 14 song album on LList Records. It got great reviews, comparing their sound to the early Beatles, Zombies and Hollies. The Crooners opened live shows for most of the touring bands that came through Lancaster.

Through life, Jones has a diverse musical taste. His influences gathered over the years included the Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, the Beatles, Albert King, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and many more. These artists along with newer artists would help shape Jones’ guitar playing and sound, which would later lead to a major milestone.

As a performer, he has appeared on many records with various artists from the early ’80s through today.  His songs have been covered by the Stray Cat Lee Rocker, Charlie Gracie, the Rockats , Linda Gail Lewis, the Devil’s Daughters, and Nick Kane. His music has been featured in films and network television shows. The guitarist now has an endorsement from Gretsch endorsing the company’s Panther guitar

Jones is also a critically acclaimed producer. He has been behind the board for numerous artists including Linda Gail Lewis, The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, The Rockats, Charlie Gracie, Tommy Conwell, The Gas House Gorillas, Robert Gordon, Nick Kane, and many more. Jones also served as a co-producer with Al Kooper in conjunction with ABKCO records on the Charlie Gracie project, “For the Love of Charlie”.  Jones has been on recordings with some of the most acclaim musicians in the history of rock and roll including Graham Nash, Jimmy Vivino, Al Kooper, and a ‘Who’s who’ of roots music.

*Quentin Jones was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame 10/2016