Doug C and the Blacklisted


Doug C and the Blacklisted are for folks who like Hank Williams Senior but also have an understanding of Elvis, Black Flag and the Cramps. Sonically it falls somewhere between Traditional Western Swing, Rockabilly and Hillbilly Music, while keeping one foot in the underground gutter. Good Luck to us all!

Lanark Records is pleased to say that Doug C and the Blacklisted and Lanark will be releasing a vinyl 45rpm single sometime mid fall 2014. The band is fronted by Doug Carrion who has played in the Descendents, Dag Nasty and Circle Jerks.

The 45 will feature two great songs recorded by Doug on the west coast, side A will be Big Bone Girl and the flipside is Things Are Still The Same

Wanna see the band live? Click here for the schedule of live shows!