The first review of the new Reach Around Rodeo Clowns CD “Rockabilly Deluxe”

By George Peffley
The Lanark News team
Lanark is very excited about its next release “Rockabilly Deluxe” by the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, on Sept. 24. 2013. This outstanding collection is gaining the attention of the press and radio weeks before its official release. Here is the first of what will be many reviews of this album, read it and then check out the samples and purchase you copy here:

Not often does one find a gold nugget the size of a CD, but in the case of the new Reach Around Rodeo Clowns "Rockabilly Deluxe" it fits the bill to a "T".  The Clowns have departed slightly from their Psychobilly roots, but not too far on this album.  Wendell, Quentin, Dave and Crusher take Rockabilly to a new level of enjoyment with selections like "Bowling Alley Baby","I Used T Be The One" and "King Of The Slot Car Track".  The addition of brass, keyboards and accordion on some selections doesn't take away from their foundation of pure Rockabilly.  My suggestion: get your grubby paws on this album and load it into the player ASAP, crank up the volume and enjoy!  Rockabilly Deluxe is the REAL DEAL!

D-J MAc Thomas
91.3 WVUD

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