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If you like your rock & roll sweaty, loud, gutsy along with killer hooks, then the latest releases from Lanark Records are just what you’ve been craving.  First up, The Sweet Things have been called “one of America’s greatest unsigned bands”.  The members of the band bonded over their love of acts such as The Rolling Stones, The Faces, Johnny Thunders, etc. and have performed in other credible punk bands such as L.E.S. Stitches, The Sharp Lads, The Dimestore Haloes, The Dead Tricks, Stiletto, Mazard, and Tongue.  Remember when rock & roll had swagger, attitude and a little dangerous?  These guys revive that time with their latest Lanark Records single, “Love To Leave” as part of the label’s 52 Singles In 52 Weeks campaign and folks have already started taking notice! Steppin’ Out Magazine has named their song “Love To Leave” song of the week, gushing: “Charismatic rock band The Sweet Things is what your ears have been craving.” Indie tastemakers Faster And Louder enthuse: “The Sweet Things are a real treat for anyone who loves guitar-centric rock n' roll with a whiff of booze.” These touring veterans have already played BAM, The Lenox Lounge, Vans Warped Tour, The Grand Victory, Beast Of Bourbon, Bowery Electric, Saint Vitus, the Acheron, Webster Hall among others.  Watch for more from The Sweet Things soon!

New in the Lanark singles series is Diamond Sands & The Glass Cutters and “My Baby Died”.  Horns, a thumping melody and a lot of mystery surround this release.  Little is really known about them and critics have wondered about how much truth is really in the folklore.  Legend has it Diamond Sands was a dishwasher at The Pavilion where The Glass Cutters were scheduled to play.  Diamond Sands filled in for their ailing lead singer one evening (supposedly the West Nile Virus…or maybe it was East) and it just so happened

Vinny “the boss” Dagastino, head of Lanark’s A&R department during the early years of the company, was in the crowd. Vinny signed the band and quickly went into Lanark’s studio and recorded ten songs.  The band was set to tour when Sands was drafted in the Marines and sent to Vietnam where he was his squad’s flame thrower. During the battle of Hill 182, young Sands ventured behind enemy lines and sacrificed his life to save his comrades. When the Glass Cutters got the news, they all went their separate ways and were never heard from again.  Again, this is the legend that has been passed down through the years.  We can neither confirm nor deny the story and we’ve never seen a photo of the band.  All we have are boxes marked “Diamond Sands & The Glass Cutters”.  

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