Linda Gail Lewis Cuts 12 New Tracks at Lanark for New 2015 Album

Linda Gail Lewis hit Lanark’s studio ( February 19 - 22, 2015) last week with a team of top musicians and recorded 12 new tracks for her new album “Hard Rocking Woman” which will be release later this year on Lanark Records. This team was headed by producer Quentin Jones, who also played bass and guitar, and featured Danny B Harvey on guitars and bass, Blair King on drums and Lewis’s daughter Annie Lewis sing harmonies.
All but 3 of the 12 tracks were written by Lewis, Jones or Harvey, were recorded mostly live, all tracks without the aid of “auto-tune” or other digital trickery. These five musicians set up in Lanark’s Lancaster Pa studio and played the songs from beginning to end in complete takes, only occasionally overdubbing an extra guitar part or backing vocal.

“We wanted to record something real and organic”, said Jones, “I think the music buying public is sick and tired of albums that sound the same, mass produced assembly line records made with 15 producers and 17 songwriters and recorded with computer programs that cover up the flaws in the people performing the on the tracks making everything homoginzed . We felt it would be great to work together as a unit, a real band, a band that can cut a full album over three very busy and productive days!”
Linda Gail Lewis was so happy with the results that when Lanark ask her to sign the control room door (It’s a tradition and something Lanark asks all VIPs that record at their studio to do) she wrote: “Thank you Quentin for making me sound better than I have in over 50 years of recording!” Linda returned home thrilled with the results. Lanark shares her enthusiasm.
The album is being mixed by Jones on Lanark’s 2 inch MCI 24 track tape deck and 80 input anolog mixing desk for the most enjoyable listening experience available today.

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