Lanark Records Open House

April 9th 2016 1 to 5 PM The Lanark Team records, promotes and releases CD’s, digital downloads, and vinyl records from some of music’s most respected legends and artists. Lanark is now offering its resources to the public including the use of our fantastic studio with gear that has stood the test of time and a vibe that is second to none! Our control room is fueled by both digital and analog gear, and we have a large tracking room with a spacious iso-booth, perfect for recording vocals, drums, and other instruments. Whether your musical project, or group, is big or small, and no matter what your aspirations are, our Team is ready to make your recording experience everything you want and more. We work with you to ensure that the music being released is the absolute best it can sound, and that it is a record you are proud to call your own. Tell us your budget, and we’ll create a project that will fit squarely where you want and need it to be. Lanark also offers all aspects of music production, graphic design, provision and conception of industry-required forms such as professional biographies, one sheets and everything related to the electronic and manual sales of your work, as well as copyrighting, marketing of music and products, distribution, legal representation, and press kits. We are your one-stop shop for everything.

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