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Doug C and the Blacklisted 45

Doug C and the Blacklisted are for folks who like Hank Williams Sr but also have an understanding of Elvis, Black Flag and the Cramps. Sonically it falls somewhere between Traditional Western Swing, Rockabilly and Hillbilly Music, while keeping one foot in the underground gutter. Good...

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Format:Audio CD$10.00

Blue Plate Specials Servin It Up

The Blue Plate Specials is a 5-piece band that has been rockin'  joints in and around Philly for a good long time now.

If they sound like a band that's played a LOT together, it's because they have.

They are built for speed, hold the corners, stop on a dime and give 9 cents change.


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The Devil’s Daughters with Danny B Harvey

Download only! please click links for samples!



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Robert Gordon Limited Edition Red Vinyl “I’m Coming Home”

It here! This is the way to hear this fantasic album! Master, recorded and produced for vinyl first, the limited edition red vinyl album "I'm Coming Home"

Lanark Records is excited to announce it's release of rockabilly sensation Robert Gordon’s record I’m Coming Home, his first...

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The BurliQ’s New Video!

Just in time for the winter solstice celebration, The BurlIQ's  have released their new video," Witch Hunt", off their entertaining self titled  first album on Lanark Records. Watch it on their artist’s page!

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Stephen King Likes The Clowns In The Sunday News!

In on of our last blogs we told you how the famed author Stephen King recently tweeted about Lanark’s own Reach Around Rodeo Clowns video for their new song “King of the Slot Car Track” from the newest album “Rockabilly Deluxe. Last week, the Portland Press Herald did a story about what kind of art Stephen King appreciates and they featured an interview with the Clown’s guitarist Quentin Jones. The story tells how King found the Clowns and how “he likes talking about young writers and talented artists. He likes the fact that if he recommends a book by a lesser-known but talented writer, people might go out and buy the book. ‘I get enthusiastic about a lot of stuff. So when I watch or read stuff I like, I just wanna tweet about it,” King said.”

Read the interview with Jones and the rest of the story here:

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Robert Gordon’s “I’m Coming Home” picking up speed and selling fast!

Robert Gordon’s new Lanark release continues to receive stellar reviews. “I’m Coming Home” has just been reviewed by No Depression which calls the album “a strapping reaffirmation of supremacy” and goes on to say “Robert is the star of this show. He can blast a lyric or swell majestically to whatever heights are demanded. Indeed, to hear his confidence-to-kill delivery and deep force-of-nature baritone, it's as if the last few decades never happened -- except that they imprinted his voice with substance gained only by good and bad living.”

Read the complete review here:

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